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Behind The Collection: Visions Of The Canyon

by Ben Hession 04 May 2024

Are you ready to peek through the kaleidoscope with us this summer for the release of our newest collection Visions Of The Canyon?

As you dreamers know by now every collection is different as we like to explore a different snapshot & moment from the 60s & 70s. This summer we have been heavily Influenced by the creative energy of Laurel Canyon in the 60s and the iconic styles of the creatives who lived there including Joni Mitchell, The Mamas & Papas & Jim Morrison. There are also other nods to other bohemian influences such as Janis Joplin & Stevie Nicks.

The aim for this collection was to transport you to a dreamlike state where art and music intertwine. Featuring statement tile prints and flowing abstract patterns, get ready to float through summer leaving behind a vibrant trail of colour and magic wherever your journey leads.


This collection might well just be our favourite collection yet for prints & embroideries. Prints are one of the first things we work on with our print extraordinaire Erin Cadigan who will start sketching from her Woodstock studio and start bringing the ideas to life.

Erin’s creative eye and psychedelic touch makes this process one of our favourite bits of the collection building process & we always make sure it’s authentic to the time as well as having that Hippie Shake feel we do so well together.

I have always been obsessed with anything butterfly related so this was a print I knew had a place in Visions Of The Canyon. This print actually changed a lot from where it started. When first sampling the print was small with a tonal earthy colourway but it wasn’t showing of it’s beauty enough. So instead, we decided to make it a black base with more psychedelic colours and blow the print up in scale so you can see the graphic and flowing beauty of it which works so beautifully on the bigger garments such as the cape & jumpsuit. The colours for the print were actually inspired by the wildflower print from Rising Of The Moon which you dreamers loved.

The next print which I had in my head was using mandala shapes and this one took a bit of development in terms of colour changes but I really love where we landed with the purples, pinks and brown tones. Originally just mandala shapes but then Erin added in the golden flower chain detail which finished it off beautifully. Erin also adapted the artwork so we could place it on the Anathea Mini Dress inspired by a 60s Jean Shrimpton vintage image and I think it translated perfectly.

One initial starting reference for the collection was as if looking through a kaleidoscope so we couldn’t not do a print bringing to life that idea. Playing around with circular elements, petal detailing and colours Erin created this wonderful print which has a tile like effect and translated so wonderfully into embroidery.

The last print was a nod was a graphic floral print In a warm 70s tonal colour palette which can be adapted into embroidery & cut work and this print really does make a statement. We really played around with the scale on this print too with it being large scale on the Summertime Mini Dress and then small scale on the Harvest Moon Set which gives completely different looks. We love how golden this print came out like the afternoon sun.

Products & Silhouettes

After the hardness of AW24 On Tour ’74 which had a lot of tailoring and structure I knew it was time to take it to our softer side for summer and back to bohemian summer days floating through life. Some key pieces were inspired by our trip to Italy where we visited a vintage archive for references, a lot of research and preparation went into building this collection.

We like to create small families within the collection and print stories with pieces you can style it with and an array of textures and techniques. Embroidery & denim are two areas which we really focused in on for this collection taking things to new heights and levels. Creating pieces which make your heart skip a beat like when you find that one true love hanging in a vintage shop which you treasure forever.

Fabrics & Sustainability

We love summer collections because we work with natural fibres as much as we can. Soft dreamy cottons, viscose’s which glide on the skin and earthy textured blended fabrics which you would expect to find a 70s Indian blouse in that looks like the print is painted on. Every fabric & trim is considered and thought about meticulously to make sure the garment can stand the test of time & of course the comfort for you dreamers.

Some of our suppliers who create the masterpieces such as the embroidered gems are true artisans in their field and will go above and beyond to collaborate with us to make the garments as authentic as they can be. Such as hand finished decorative stitching and mixed media on garments such as applique, embroidery & beadwork.

We have an ongoing long standing relationship with our suppliers so have complete transparency and communication to make sure the process is as sustainable as it can be. As a company, we also give 1% of our revenue each year to 1%  For The Planet & it goes directly to our partnered charity Cool Earth. This is something we will continue to do yearly as we believe it’s a great cause and we want to continue to give something back to the planet.

Campaign Branding & Art Direction

To encapsulate the hazy, artistic world of Laurel Canyon, I set the scene of our shoot, thinking about the creatives who lived and worked in the area and how they might spend their days. Taking strong influence from Joni Mitchell specifically and inspiration from images of her at home in the canyon, I created mini day-in-the-life scenes throughout the amazing location house we shot at - making sure to incorporate lots of music and art references. Working with musician Maya Lane as our model and muse, made this easy to set up, as she is such a modern-day Joni, while the incredible film shots taken by Laura really add a layer of authenticity to the images. For the studio shots, I wanted to continue with the dreamy vibes of the campaign, by using the striking sunset background and adding the grass and wildflowers to represent the nature of the canyon. For the campaign branding, I was really inspired by 70s magazines and the big bold type that was often used in headlines, as well as using elements from Erin's prints as illustrative details.

We hope you enjoyed a little insight into behind Visions Of The Canyon. You can now shop & explore the collection below…

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