The Hippie Shake - Tour 73


The Hippie Shake-Tour 73 is set against the backdrop of a 1970s tour bus, with band members and crew prominent in the narrative of rock and roll, high jinks and pure cool. Featuring our eternal collection, Heroes, mixed in with our first love, Vintage - with pieces carefully curated, straight from the 60s and 70s.

Photography: Jamie Noise
Bus: Supplied by Richard Shirley @ 1950s Bus Hire
Models: Aaron Keylock, Constance Nash, Devin Tuel, Grace Barrett, Jonnie Hodson, Kathleen Savage, Kerri Lown, Poppy Francis, Woody Green
Styling: Naomi Hession
Art Director: Rachel Wood
Prints: Erin Cadigan
Location: Limpsfield Chart, England