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Retro Dance Moves Tutorial With The Meyer Dancers

21 Dec 2022
It's Party Season and time to get on your best outfit and dance the night away! If you are needing some tips ahead of hitting the dance floor or just looking for some fun exercise we have you covered.The Meyer Dancers are here to help with some 60s and 70s dance moves to get you dancing like a true Gogo Dancer.

"When it comes to 1960s and 1970s movement, it's all about finding the groove. Embodying the sounds of the instruments/vocals and feeling connected to your body. Once you've got down the basic steps, you can start to add more energy and use your facial expressions to animate whatever feeling you want to convey. We find retro dance to be really joyful, so you can try practicing moves with a group of friends or bust out a move on the dancefloor to boost confidence!" - Laura Cherry
1. 70s Dance Move "Body Rolls"
How To:
Wave your body side to side
Keep it smooth
Add the arms and wind up the hands
Wind it down low and then high!

2. 70s Dance Move "Bus Stop!

 How To :
Step and clap 
Groove it out step side to side 
Tap feet out & click the heels
Groove it out!

3. 60s Dance Move "Hitchhike"

How To :
Slightly bend your knee & wiggle the hips
Cross arm over the body and flick the thumb
Repeat then speed it up!
Little shimmy at the end

To see more of the Meyer Dancers Follow them on Instagram!

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