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03 Mar 2022
While in LA at the beginning of the year we had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with three amazing musicians Jennie, Frankie and Lindsay in an amazing retro 70s studio.

Jennie Vee Left in the image above ) is a songwriter, guitarist and bassist from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada She is currently the Bassist for Eagles of Death & Palaye Royale, but has also played bass for Courtney Love on Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer Tour.
Lindsey Troy ( Middle in the above Image ) Is one half of Deap Vally who have just released their new album ' MARRIAGE'.They are touring America this March check them out!.
Frankie Clarke (Right in the above Image ) is the leading lady of Frankie and the Studs who has just released their new single '(Not your) Victim'.
These power house women are making waves in the LA music scene. We took some time to catch up with them and ask some of our burning questions.

Firstly we want to know what are the best things about the music scene in LA?

Lindsey - I’d have to say the people, the weather, the food, the history, the clothes, the bands!

Jennie - There is a collaborative vibe here in LA with people willing to meet up, jam, record, create, film, - there are so many talented people here - other musicians, film makers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists - you can really make visions come to life!  And fast! There is MAGIC here.

Frankie - My favourite part of the LA music scene has to be the community. For a big city, the scene feels tight knit. I had a tough time fitting in throughout school and growing up, but as soon as I started my band and played music out and about, I felt like I found my people. 

Do you have a favourite venue to play in LA?

Frankie -The Troubadour is my favourite venue I’ve played. You can feel the history and energy in the walls and it’s so inspiring!

Jennie - I’d have to say The Greek Theatre

Lindsey - Definitely The Echo!

What has your experience been being a woman in the music industry, and how do you support each other? 

Frankie -  I’d say Being a woman in the music industry is empowering. Although of course there are struggles, I feel like I find my power on stage. It’s also great when you meet other women in the music industry and cheer each other on, because it is tough, but we’re in it together. 

Jennie - In 20 years of playing music I always get asked this same question.  I don't have any other experience OTHER than being a woman in life, let alone the music industry.  There is not one blanket statement I can make about "being a woman" in any sense because every person, male or female or non binary, walks a different path in their own shoes with their own challenges and rewards, joy and suffering.   

In regards to supporting other women - I don't have a woman specific support group or approach that is any different from supporting my male or non binary friends or bandmates.If they ever need anything from me I am just a phone call or car ride away!   It goes both ways - I know I can count on my bandmates and crew - we become like a family out here on the road and we all look out for each other. 

Lindsey -  I guess it’s like being a dude, but with less d$ck and more tampons…

What instruments do you play? And how long have you been making music?

Lindsey -  I sing, I play guitar and bass. I started playing piano when I was 4 and have been in bands since I was 10.

Jennie - I play bass and guitar.  I have been making music since the 90s!

Frankie  -  I play guitar and sing. I also started with piano when I was 4 years old but made the switch to guitar when I was 10 years old. Similar to Lindsey actually!

Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

Lindsey - I first bought Alanis Morrisette’s 'Jagged Little Pill,’ on cassette 

Frankie  - My earliest ever memory of music is the Beatles! I loved “Octopus’s Garden” and “Yellow Submarine” when I was a kid.

Jennie  - Yes! One of the first records I bought was the Billie Jean 7" single by Michael Jackson.

Jennie I know you’re on tour at the moment, and Lindsey you’re heading out in March. Bet you’re over the moon to be back on the road? And to you all, what’s it like being on tour and do you have any crazy stories from being on the road that you can share?

Jennie  - Being on the road is one of the best feelings.  I feel like a working dog and touring is my purpose.  It has to be different for everyone but I really get into the flow and groove of road life - I love the tour bus and my bunk is my little haven.  Crawling into the bunk after a super fun and intense rock show knowing that tomorrow there will be another show is my version of living the dream.  There is a constant stream of crazy stories. One time on tour with EODM I woke up to find a life sized werewolf in the shower in the bathroom on the bus.  It certainly startled me.I love this crazy life!

Lindsey -  Being on the road is such an epic adventure. One of my craziest tour memories was Debbie Harry doing my makeup before my show, when my band, Deap Vally, toured with her.

Frankie - I grew up idolising Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day and we got to tour with his band the Longshot and it was the most fun show I’ve ever played let alone attended. Every night felt electric and I got to meet so many cool people and crowd surfed for the first time.

How do you prepare for getting out on stage? Any pre-show rituals you can't miss?

Frankie - My favourite pre-show ritual is doing my makeup. That’s my quiet time to get in the zone and have a little zen before all hell breaks loose. 

Jennie  - I start getting ready by styling my hair, then doing my makeup and then deciding what I am going to wear about 2 hours before show time.  I need to be chewing 2 pieces of fresh minty gum and have one of my black 1mm Dunlop picks in my hand about 5 minutes before show time. 

Lindsey - I always stretch, hop around, listen to music!

You all looked insane together in the shoot, how important is fashion to you as an artist?

Lindsey - Muy importante! Stage fashion is like the superhero cape you put on before becoming Wonder Woman on stage.

Frankie - To me, fashion is another extension of expression. It all goes hand in hand. I’ve always been pretty shy, but I dress and play music very loud. That’s how I get it all out. 

Jennie - Fashion has always been important to me, period.  My Croatian immigrant grandfather was a tailor and I grew up in his shop.  I was a young music fan and wanted to recreate my own clothes to reflect my burgeoning taste in new wave and punk rock!  So my mom and I would make them!  She did once say to me "Jennifer, life is not a fashion show" because I had a tendency to change outfits several times a day.  Well, I am happy to say I have had a job for some time now where it certainly CAN be fashion show.  I have a little problem with not "repeating outfits" on stage, because I love fashion and I am always excited to wear something new - but I still love to make my own clothes or buy vintage so I can be more sustainable about fashion.  I also love styling and being involved with photo and video shoots for other artists as well.

 How do you stay motivated to keep creating over the years?

Jennie  - I learned to allow myself time to gather new inspiration rather than force myself to write and record if I am not feeling it.  I find joy in life and music just as a fan or player. I did write 2 songs last year - and one was with Lindsey and Julie from Deap Vally!  I do find a lot of satisfaction in simply PLAYING music - but over my life I have released several albums and EPs.  I feel like I might have a few more tunes coming in the next couple months when I have a break in between tours and I will have to record them!

Frankie - The past few years have definitely tested my motivation. Playing live shows is a huge part of my life and not having that felt like a big chunk of my life was missing. I went through periods of feeling stuck, but what got me out of my rut was listening to lots of different music and also getting into different creative endeavours. For me that was playing with makeup. I liked to get dressed up with nowhere to go because it helped me feel normal. I also started to get experimental with my writing process and try to let go of judgement. My writing partner Stewart Cararas always says “When the muse calls we listen!” and I try to stay really open minded and meditation helps with that as well. 

Lindsey - I have to say listening to other music inspires me a lot.

What are you all listening to at the moment? Are there any other LA artists that are followers should be checking out?

Jennie   - I love my friend Grace's music - her project is called TILLIE - I had a hand at co-styling her video for "Flip A Switch".  I do listen a lot to Eagles of Death Metal when I work out!  I know I am partial, but Deap Vally's new album "Marriage" is a work of art!   All LA based bands!

Lindsey -Yes, check out my boyfriend’s project, Yoshi Sherma! Super rad analogue electronic music! I’ve also been listening to a lot of Eagles of Death Metal, Johnny Cash, The Highwaymen, FIDLAR.

Frankie - I’m currently obsessed with a band called the Viagra Boys. I saw them live in LA a few years back and they blew me away. As far as LA artists go, check out Primadonna, Starcrawler, Xtine & the Reckless and Vigil of War.

We love all things 70s, so we need to ask who is your favourite 70s icon and why?

Jennie - Debbie Harry - really effortlessly cool and chic.  Timeless and she could have been from NYC, Paris or London - her style was her own.

Lindsey - For a male icon, I’d go with John Lennon because he is my ultimate. The Beatles all day, every day. Debbie Harry because she is EVERYTHING. Coolest of the cool.

Frankie - David Bowie because he taught us all that it’s cool to be a weirdo and Suzi Quatro because she rips and looks amazing doing it.

Finally, as three powerful females in music, what advice would you give to other women wanting to break into the scene?'

Jennie - I have to say this advice would be for ANYONE wanting to do music.  Just do it.  Show up for yourself first and foremost, be cool, be nice, know how to play and have something to say.  Find out where all the local bands are playing and show up!  If you are just starting out on your instrument - don't be intimidated to play with others - have a vision for yourself - who are you, what do you want?  Be clear with your vision, write it down.  "I am a musician.  I am in a cool band.  I am on tour."  Say it in the present tense.  Don't waver - if this is the life for you - take steps every day to make it a reality. Whatever it is you want-  it is your job to KNOW what that is and believe in yourself.  I like flipping the saying "I'll believe it when I see it" to "I'll see it when I believe it"!

Lindsey -  Work hard. Be fearless. And don’t be afraid to be loud.

Frankie - Keep at it and be yourself! It’s not always glitter and glamour but when you stick with it and push through the tough times you’ll be amazed by your strength and become more confident with yourself and your identity as an artist. 

Thank you for your time. It was so great sitting down and chatting with you all.

If you want to see more be sure to follow their socials below-

Jennie Vee - @thejennievee / @palayeroyale

Lindsey Troy - @Lindseyoftroy / @Deap Valley

Frankie Clarke - @Frankieberry / @Frankieandthestuds

Photographer - Alex Rose Lang

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