She’s the frontwoman, songwriter and all round creative force behind the band Black Honey and we finally got to hang out with Izzy in March for a fun Bowie-esque shoot together! We’ve been a huge fan of this lady and her killer style so we just had to ask her to take part in a little Q&A to find out more about her…

What were your musical beginnings?

I remember listening to my dad play trumpet when I was very young and inspecting the 12 string guitar that was in the corner. When I was 14 I learnt ‘wish you were here’ on it and we still tour and play with this guitar today.

What kind of music defines the teenage you? 

 Nirvana, The White stripes and Emo.

How would you describe your style?

Retro, rock and roll Tarrantino.

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

I have this two piece blue glitter suit with hot pants gold chains and red flames. I feel like Ziggy sturdust in it!

We know your a big fan of vintage clothing , what era would you say has influenced you the most and anyone in particular from that era?

Era wise I love the late 60s and 70s Like Joan Jett if she was in a wes Anderson movie or something.

What artists / songs have you got on repeat at the moment?

I love Billie Holiday, The Strokes, Blondie and Queens of the Stone Age right now. New artists I like Boy Azooga and Viagra boys.

Obviously you’re in a band with 3 boys, do tours get a bit crazy, any stories you can share?

Yeah, one of my favourite moments was touring Europe with Royal Blood we were in Barcelona all dressed in drag for Halloween we left the tour busses and went out. Ben from RB started a conga line in this weird and remote yet big nightclub that was practically empty other than us and the tour crew. The night unfolded, Tom got dragged home by the police in a wig, he then cut a huge hole in his leg from running up and down the tour bus naked (we had to go to hospital the next day). We arrived later, locked out of the arena we decided despite the epic thunderstorm happening outside we would venture to climb over the 2 storey fences dressed as astronaughts and bunnies. We broke in after about 7 fences and the most incredible view of Barcelona, covered in mud and escorted by security.

Who has been your favourite act to support on their tour so far?

Royal Blood but I also loved Catfish and the Bottlemen and Queens of the Stone Age.


What advice would you give to young females wanting to get into the music industry? Is there anything you would have done differently going back?

No,  I would say trust yourself, stop listening to other people and ask yourself if you really love what you have made.

What’s next in the pipeline for Black Honey?

We are on the road now for a warn up tour before a Jam packed summer of shows: Bedford, Stoke, Edinburgh,Dublin, Leeds, Leicester, Southampton, Tunbridge wells, Guildford, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium. You can expect some top new music keep your ears to the ground!

Izzy has curated an amazing Spotify playlist for everyone! You can listen to it HERE

Check her out on Instagram @blackhoneyuk

Photography: Harriet Brown

HMUA: Katie Wilton

Stylist: Naomi Hession (The Hippie Shake)

Location: Mirth, Marvel & Maud