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Seventies Style Icons

26 Mar 2023

We have partnered up with Cut and Run hair salon to recreate four ICONIC looks inspired by David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Marc Bolan and Joan Jett. Naomi took to styling the outfits, Terra and David the owners of Cut and Run and masters of hair created the perfect 70s hairstyles and to top it off makeup artist Danielle finished off each look with a bang.

We started with David Bowie. The lovely Izzy was our model and we transformed her into Bowie by using our Ramble On Gold Jumpsuit, which is so perfect for Bowie.Then popped over a vintage blazer which had such a nice silhouette. Then we finished the look with a vintage scarf, tied as a tie. Some iconic red glasses and our platform Suzy Q boots, which finished off the look perfectly.

The most prominent part of the makeup look was the very blue eyeshadow, which was very typically Bowie. This look was created by using two different metallic blues using the lighter on the outer edge then moving into a darker blue in the middle to create more of a halo eye.

For the hair we went with a classic mullet shape for an androgynous look. It's really strong and striking and it works really well. We went super bright with the red perfect for Bowie.

Next was Debbie Harry the queen of rock and roll. We styled a vintage black printed shirt with our Like a Rolling Stone Striped Flare trousers, which looked awesome.

Debbie Harry also wore a lot of chunky accessories. We put on a gold chain, which was long and simple, but then we styled it with a really big white, chunky belt and some velvet boots. 

With the makeup Danielle kept the look authentic to Debby's signature look. Creating a smokey winged out eyeshadow and a red metallic lip.To keep the lip super metallic she used  a raspberry coloured metallic eyeshadow was pressed on top of a matte red lip, this created that seventies metallic sheen without having to mix loads of different colours.

With hair Poppy, the model had a full head of bleach. Debbie Harry has that raw seventies style, almost done it yourself look. The underpart  of the hair was also dyed darker to get that two tone. Then finishing the look with that overgrown fringe, almost completely covering the eyes.

We couldn't be doing a Stoke Newington hair salon photo shoot without incorporating Stoke Newton's own finest Marc Bolan. Ryan the model’s hair is perfect for this. David and Terra cut it to a round shaggy seventies shape and added as much volume as possible to make it super big, wild and rock and roll.

With the makeup for Marc Bolan, we put a bit more of a modern twist on it by using crystals as opposed to the glitter dropdown under the eye.Then did a natural skin with a smokey eye which is very grunge but easy and quick to do.

Marc Bolan liked to mix metallics and jewel tones, so we took inspiration from this with the outfit. We started with a vintage metallic stripe top then some gold lurex trousers. Then we layered over our Marsha Green blouse then a vintage stripe blazer to add in that masculine edge.We also paired the look with our Cloud Print Genevieve boots. Finishing with big oversized shades and a red feather boa to add some drama.

The last look we styled Celia who was inspired by Joan Jett. She has a very laid-back style that’s cool and effortless. We started with the  Flower Power Ringer and vintage flares. Then layered up star necklaces with a black velvet neck tie just for an added bit of rock and roll. We also found this amazing red leather seventies jacket and finished the look off with black cowboy boots and a metal black concho belt.

For the makeup, an artist like Joan Jett was a complete rock chick and did not have time to be sat with a precision eyeliner brush so we wacked on the gel liner and buffed it in. You can go as messy as you want with this to tie the look together. Then Danielle used a red tone eyeshadow and buffed that through the crease just to give it a little bit of a modern twist and tie in that messy look together.

Then for the hair, we went close all around the face to really frame it. Creating choppy layers to get as much wild volume as possible. We also dyed the hair black and kept most of the length. It is amazing how much it doubles in thickness when you add in these layers and looks really Rock and Roll. Our model Celia rocked it so perfectly.

We were so pleased with how the looks turned out. It was crazy seeing how we recreated the icons, like when you looked away and looked back at the girls like it was like the icons were reincarnated there.

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