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04 Jun 2021
“We could be heroes, just for one day”
It’s been 50 years since Woodstock and The Hippie Shake has not forgotten. Ever expanding and evolving through the years, The Hippie Shake brings to you ‘Heroes’ - a collection so universal, so iconic it was designed to be eternal. Named in dual spirit of both music and fashion symbiosis, it has come forward to champion the brand’s journey and celebrate timeless elegance since its conception. Transeasonal while both glamorous and utilitarian, the pieces in this collection were designed with both the Hippie Shake lifestyle and our community in mind. These dazzling creations are the true heroes of the Hippie Shake.

Woodstock is the cornerstone of this collection. So iconic, so mesmerizingly peaceful, it was the birthplace of today’s festival fashion. In fact, the fashion of Woodstock was no fashion at all - it was simply freedom of expression. This is why it remains eternal and timeless. Naming the pieces after musicians, songs and Goddesses - the Hippie Shake trail maps out the heroic search for divine enlightenment through many cultures and histories. Heroes is the collection to champion that ethos, to reimagine this vision of bygone eras and lost legacies.
Taking influence from a myriad of style icons in the 60s and 70s such as Stevie Nicks to Cher and Pattie Boyd - this collection encapsulates a fiery feeling of emancipation and defiance. Prophesying with all the liberations of freedom, the Heroes collection was a flame born from the escapism and euphoria that music brings. Those chilly festival nights are made warmer with a Penny Lane Coat, marching through the grass with the wind in your hair as Hendrix’s guitar roars through your ears with your Athena Duster flowing behind you. There’s no better feeling than baring your soul, getting lost in a crowd and embracing life.

Any piece from this collection can be mixed and matched - the only way to describe it is a ‘wearable kaleidoscope’. From the Lucy In The Sky Bodies to the Tiny Dancer Dresses, they endow the wearer with the power to wield their own 70s magic. Each piece bestows the spell of Woodstock, creating a personal atlas to a more enchanting and wondrous world to live in. As Hesiod once said “Happy is he whom the Muses love.” With a single item, you can transport yourself to a dreamworld and be your own magical muse, filling your life with artistry and inspiration.
With the Joni Zip Bodies, The Hippie Shake Heroes Collection takes a page or two from Joni Mitchell: “She was somewhere being free”. To say the collection captures the spirit of rock and roll would be an understatement. Fuelling passion, creativity and mystique into any outfit - now you too can escape to your own Woodstock fantasy.

The myths live on. With intricate and harmonious designs from visionary artist Erin Cadigan, these pieces will turn heads in every room, at every occasion. Erin is something of a polymath and is the go-to in-house dreamweaver of all the iconic Hippie Shake prints. Erin’s creations have been brought to life since the brand’s conception in 2015 and she has no plans of slowing down. Glad to be in line with the Hippie Shake’s slow fashion ethos, she is now working with new, organic materials.
Heroes is an odyssey. This is a collection born straight from the heart that sings from the soul. The Hippie Shake have delivered yet again another collection that truly reflects their creative journey and what they love and strive for. History, divination and the love of music is weaved throughout the fabric of these pieces. Heroes is a time window, one that is always open for every gender, colour and creed. Ensuring such a tale will live on forever, their adventures can be passed on, reliving again and again through generations. 

Words by Alexandra Dominica.
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